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This collection features 17 well-known Gregorian chants artfully transcribed for solo horn, unaccompanied, by Rhett Barnwell. These chants can be used as etudes to develop stamina, dynamic flexibility, breathing, accuracy, phrasing, and even transposition. And, as Gregorian chant has an ethereal character to it, meditative breathing techniques can be combined with playing to produce a significant reduction in performance anxiety. Whether for practice, performance, or simply for enjoyment, the Gregorian chant repertoire is ideal for playing on the horn. Includes extensive background notes on chant history, context, and interpretation.


Rhett Barnwell holds a Master of Music degree in Horn Performance and has studied Gregorian chant at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music at the Vatican in Rome, the Abbey of Solesmes, France, Westminster Choir College and the University of Georgia. He has directed a number of chant Scholas throughout the Southeast.

Gregorian Chant for Horn

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