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Angel & harp

Seraphim  Music  is  a  source  for  sacred,  healing  and meditative music, designed for  use  in churches, hospitals,  hospices,  nursing  homes  and  concert  settings. Seraphim specializes in the publication and recording of accessible music for Celtic harp, pedal harp, cello, voice and other instruments. 

In addition to the music of founder Rhett Barnwell, more composers and arrangers are being added to our growing catalogue of sheet music, including Sunita Staneslow, Brook Boddie, Angi Bemiss, Vicki Collinsworth, and more. Click on the Sheet Music tab to find more information and music by these artists.

Rhett Barnwell and other Seraphim artists also provide live music for liturgical services, concerts, memorials, weddings, funerals and private events. 

A significant part of the Seraphim mission is to engage in works of charity. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of music and recordings is donated to organizations helping those in need.

Requiem - The Lord is My Shepherd
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